Distributed processing

Our technology is based on the enterprise grade business blockchain technology, Hyperledger Fabric. Enhanced with the cutting edge Web3-compliant orchestration engine, Hyperledger Firefly, and augmented with customised integrations with chosen eDelivery- or X-ROAD -networks, we can deliver unparallelled connectivity and capability to your business needs. 

EU compatible

Dozens of EU-based communities and business consortiums communicate with each other using an implmentation of eDelivery network, an European Union developed open source network technology. With its SOAP interfaces and AS4-compliant data transfer protocols, it is a rock solid foundation for any multi-party business network.

Secure exchange

X-Road is open-source software and ecosystem solution that provides unified and secure data exchange between organizations. X-Road supports various implementation models. Whether implementing a national, regional, or domain-specific data exchange solution, X-Road is scalable and adapts to most needs.