DBE Network

  • Customer ERP is connected to the DBE Client via a simple API.

  • All interactions between the ERP and the network are handled by the DBE Client software.

  • Client is connected to the Customer’s dedicated node in the distributed network.

  • Nodes, which form the fabric of the network, communicate with each other using a private, encrypted connection.

  • Every node can be connected to every other node, and the relationships between nodes are managed by channel memberships.

DBE Network Channels

  • DBE Network nodes can be assigned into channels.

  • Each channel is an abstraction layer, meaning that the nodes in the same channel share and replicate all transactions with each other.

  • When a message is written into one of the nodes in the channel, the other nodes will receive it as well.

  • Messages can be defined as private and their recipients within the channel can be restricted.

  • Every node in the channel is aware of a private message, but only the designated recipients will receive the message’s contents.


DBE API Integration