DBE Core

Platform to manage

procurement document exchange

DBE Core platform digitalizes the exchange of Purchase-to-Pay documents between organizations which is currently mostly done via emails and phones calls.

With one connection to your ERP or purchasing system, you can share your orders, order responses and purchase invoices with your suppliers or customers.

Tomi Dahlberg to be a Honorary Chairman of ICT Leaders Finland ry

The Chairman of the Board of DBE Core Tomi Dahlberg was awarded with a title of Honorary Chairman of ICT Leaders Finland ry on 25.11. The recognition was made due to the long and active work that Tomi has done to enhance the quality of Finland's ICT leadership.

The honor was awarded by ICT Leaders Finland ILF and TIVIA.

Picture: Päivi Hokkanen (ICT Leaders Finland) and Tomi Dahlberg (ICT Leaders Finland).

Congratulations for the well deserved recognition Tomi!

DBE Core Ltd is a neutral ecosystem provider to wide range of industries. Core Platform is a Blockchain-based, completely distributed data transfer layer for secure business-to-business communications.

Our research shows that whenever purchase orders and related documents are entered manually to system(s) there is always a cost of manual labor. When exchanging these documents digitally you are reducing costs with each exchanged document.

Do you want to improve your

purchasing and create cost savings?

Start sending/sharing your purchase orders digitally via blockchain

Core Platform reduces your purchasing costs by 90%

Starting is easy. No start-up fees

DBE Core Platform

Core Platform is a service for B2B supply chain document exchange. Instead of placing your orders via email or phone you connect your purchasing system to DBE Core and share your orders and other purchasing documents in digital form and release your procurement to more value added work. At the same time you are improving your supplier relationship by helping them automate their processes.

Our blockchain solution does not only bring unprecedented security on digital purchase document exchange but it will also enable document sharing to multiple stakeholders simultaneously, such as logistics partners, financing partners or authorities.

Do you wish to increase transparent visibility on supply chain all the way to suppliers processes?

Main benefits

  • Free purchasing to more value added work - less emails and re-entering data.

  • Help suppliers to automate processes which will lead to better collaboration and cost reduction - less manual work.

  • Improved working capital to both buyer and supplier - faster supply chain.

  • Better quality means less errors in purchase to pay process - less issue resolution.

Getting started

  • You can start today and get access to thousands of companies all over Europe, APAC and USA.

  • Pay as you go means that you start saving from the first document you share via the platform.

  • Connecting to DBE Core options:

  1. Start using it today without start up costs via Core Portal and validate the benefits.

  2. Connect your purchasing system to DBE Core with our "loose coupling"-method ensures fast and simple connection with reasonable cost.

  • Ability to connect your purchasing system to DBE Core means it is easy for your purchase managers.


Telia Cygate

Core Platform has been developed in cooperation with Telia Cygate.


Valtatech focuses on uniting the right technology, the right services and process together. They transform source to pay systems and processes for businesses that want to regain control of their spend.

Platform of Trust - Finnish construction industry HUB

Platform of Trust mahdollistaa yhteensopivan datan virtaamisen mistä tahansa järjestelmästä tai lähteestä mihin tahansa sovellukseen tai käyttöliittymään. Aikaa ja rahaa vievien integraatioiden tarve vähenee huomattavasti ja yhteensopivan datan avulla voi kehittää uusia, monipuolisempia palveluita, parantaa asiakaskokemusta sekä tehdä kattavampia analyysejä. Päätöksenteko ja uusien liiketoimintamallien luominen helpottuu, kun ne perustuvat tietoon.

Platform of Trustin ekosysteemin tavoitteena on mahdollistaa sen osapuolille edelläkävijän asema. Tämä tapahtuu optimaalisten kumppanuuksien luomisella ja erilaisen datan hyödyntämisellä yli toimialojen. Näin päästään luomaan palveluita ja ratkaisuja, joita oli aiemmin mahdoton kehittää ilman harmonisoitua dataa.

Webisite: platformoftrust.net

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/platform-of-trust/



Pan Europen Public Procurement Online enables trading partners to exchange standards-based electronic documents over the PEPPOL network.

The Linux Foundation®

The Linux Foundation is dedicated to building sustainable ecosystems around open source projects to accelerate technology development and industry adoption.

CaaS Nordic

A digital hub for supply chains and freight that innovates new technology and services to create more efficient logistics.

Sitowise Digi Partners

Sitowise values its partners’s skills and talents. Our partners network is not a mailing list of companies.

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