Example test report

This is a example test report that was generated by DBE LAB - PEPPOL Order transaction 3.2 (T01) testbed

There were several things wrong with the test message.

3.1 There was no information about the buyer in this order message.

3.2 Delivery party identifier was not stated correctly. The message should state what kind of identifier is used, for example which country's company identifier is used.

3.3 The ordered product was also identifier incorrectly. The message fails to tell what kind of procut identifier is used in this message.

3.4 The total tax amount of the order is calculated incorrectly.

3.5 The order has mixed several currencies in the message. Only one currency should be used.

4.1 The order message does to state for how long the order is valid.

After receiving this kind of test report that tells in detail what parts of the message need to be modified to pass the validation test, the user can start making the neccessary changes by them selves or they can send the test report forward to the IT department.

The testbed eliminates the need to arrange multiple meetings just to get to know what was wrong in the message and what kind of adjustments should be made to the system that generated the uploaded test message.