DBE Core Portal

For Digital Supply Chain Document Exchange

What is DBE Core Portal?

DBE Core Portal offers an easy and low cost solution to electronic document sharing in B2B business processes.

DBE Core Portal is a user interface to DBE Core Platform that is accessed with a browser. DBE Core Portal is used to read and save documents on DBE Core Platform. It can also be used as a low cost method to demonstrate the capabilities of DBE Core Platform.

With DBE Core Portal you can send and receive documents on DBE Core Platform. You can exchange documents electronically with your customer or supplier if they have the capability to exchange documents electronically via DBE Core Platform. That can mean that they have an account in DBE Core Portal or that they have integrated their systems into DBE Core Platform.

DBE Core Portal in action

What are the main benefits of using DBE Core Portal?

By using DBE Core Portal you ensure that:

  • Documents are shared electronically in machine readable format with the parties you have chosen.

  • No more delays. Those that have integrated their systems into DBE Core Platform get the messages directly into their systems.

  • The same data is reused in the business process. This means for example that the data you input into the order message gets automatically copied into order response message and to the invoice.

  • No initial investment costs. DBE Core Portal is free to use. Only transaction costs are charged and a small fee for creating the account for DBE Core Platform and the required certificates for DBE Core Portal.

  • International compatibility. The documents available in DBE Core Portal are used in 31 countries in the European Union, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa and USA. The documents are standardized by PEPPOL (Pan European Public Procurement Online).

  • Security. The messages are encrypted into a blockchain network and only those parties that you have selected can access them. DBE Core Ltd. does not have access to the message content.

How to use

  1. Contact DBE Core personnel via this form.

  2. We will demonstrate how DBE Core Portal works in an online meeting.

  3. The certificates and user account needed to access DBE Core Portal will be ordered from our supplier. Once they are ready, they will be sent to you securely.

  4. Install the certificates to the computers you wish to use DBE Core Portal.

  5. Once you have the necessary certificates installed on your computer, you can access DBE Core Portal here.


To use DBE Core Portal you will need to have the necessary certificates and an account to DBE Core Platform. Creating a new user account and certificates costs 249 €.

DBE Core Portal itself is a free tool. Only a transaction fee is charger for every transaction that is read for the first time and every transaction that is saved to DBE Core Platform.

Message types on DBE Core Portal

We are adding more message types to DBE Core Portal as we go. Do not hesitate to contact us if the message that you need to share electronically is not on this list. We can change that together easily.

Right now the following messages can be exchanged on DBE Core Portal:

  1. Orders (PEPPOL T01)

  2. Order Responses (PEPPOL T76)

  3. Invoices (PEPPOL UBL Invoice)

Next we are planning on adding documents used in logistics such as:

  • Waybill

  • Airwaybill

  • Packing list

  • etc.

And rest of the PEPPOL BIS 3.1. documents

  • PEPPOL Order Agreement transaction 3.0 (T110)

  • PEPPOL Catalogue transaction 3.1 (T19)

  • PEPPOL Catalogue Response transaction 3.0 (T58)

  • PEPPOL Despatch Advice transaction 3.1 (T16)

  • PEPPOL Punch Out transaction 3.1 (T77)

  • PEPPOL Message Level Response 3.0 (T71)

  • PEPPOL Invoice Response transaction 3.1 (T111)