DBE Core Platform

What is DBE Core Platform?

DBE Core Platform is used to securely exchange business documents in a machine readable format.

DBE Core Platform is a service for B2B supply chain document exchange platform. Instead of placing your orders via email or phone you connect your purchasing system to DBE Core and share your orders and other purchasing documents in digital form and release your procurement to more value added work. At the same time you are improving your supplier relationship by helping them automate their processes.

Our blockchain solution does not only bring unprecedented security on digital purchase document exchange but it will also enable document sharing to multiple stakeholders simultaneously, such as logistics partners, financing partners or authorities.

Do you wish to increase transparent visibility on supply chain all the way to suppliers processes?

The DBE Core Platform is the first generic Network as a Service (NaaS) ever made.

In customer projects we dive deep into understanding your industry specific requirements before drawing the new digitized processes, working closely together with your managers and experts.

Core API integration builds interoperability between your ERP system and your customers, suppliers, finance and third parties. All transactions will be validated to secure high quality of data.

Core Blockchain stores all business transactions safely with a timestamp. Your transactions are shared with your business partners by public keys. You own always your own data.

DBE Core Platform combines API and Blockchain in a unique trusted way to build ecosystem digitalization.

DBE Core Platform is built on best technology and standards

DBE Core platform is using the standards required by EU Commission and global business. We use and support open technology to secure lifelong services to Digital Business Ecosystem as DBE Core.

Our research has done long term development with OASIS UBL (Universal Business Language), PEPPOL (Pan European Public Procurement On-Line) and Linux Foundation (Hyperledger). We collaborate in best technologies and develop the future architecture together with key business brands in the world.

How to use?

DBE Core Platform can be used via a user interface from your browser called DBE Core Portal or by integrating your existing information system into DBE Core Platform via REST API integration.

Why should I use DBE Core Portal?

DBE Core Portal is a low cost solution to getting access to documents on DBE Core Platform. It can be used to read and save documents on DBE Core Platform. If your company for example does not have the necessary tools or systems to create an integration, you can still send and receive documents electronically.

DBE Core Portal is also an easy to way to test how DBE Core Platform works without investments costs. DBE Core Portal is free. Only transaction fees and small fee for creating a user account and the necessary certificates is charged.

Follow this link for more information about DBE Core Portal.

Why should I use DBE Core Platform via integration?

You will get most benefits from DBE Core Platform by integrating your existing systems into it. After the integration you can send and receive documents electronically by using the same system you have used previously.

It is also not a problem if all of your customers or suppliers have not yet made an integration to DBE Core Platform. You can still exchange document electronically with them from you own system. Those without the integration can read the document on DBE Core Portal and also send you electronic documents from DBE Core Portal.


DBE Core Platform works on a transaction fee business model. A small transaction fee is charged when you open a document for the first time or send a new document to the DBE Core Platform.

The necessary integration is done as REST API integration. This essentially means that DBE Core Platform will wait for you to send documents to it or fetch the documents sent to you. There is no need to go through your company firewalls for example. DBE Core Ltd does not create the integration. The integration is done and also the cost of the integration is charged by a third party integrator.

What are the main benefits of using DBE Core Platform?

  • Documents are shared electronically in machine readable format with the parties you have chosen.

  • No more delays. Those that have integrated their systems into DBE Core Platform get the messages directly into their systems.

  • The same data can be reused in the business process. This means for example that the data you input into the order message gets automatically copied into order response message and to the invoice. This is an important point to keep in mind when making the integration.

  • You pay only if you use the DBE Core Platform. DBE Core Platform uses transaction fee business model.

  • International compatibility. The documents available in DBE Core Portal and DBE Core Platform are used in 31 countries in the European Union, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa and USA. The documents are standardized by PEPPOL (Pan European Public Procurement Online).

  • Security. The messages are encrypted into a blockchain network and only those parties that you have selected can access them. DBE Core Ltd. does not have access to the message content.