DBE Lab is a program for collaboration and open development community. It operates apart from DBE Core Ltd as an independent not-for-profit program.


  • Non-profit open sandbox activities in Finland for open source Blockchain, API and related technologies

  • Develop new code, results delivered through GitHub

  • Promote and apply Linux Foundation’s knowledge and result base

  • Promote and apply Linux Foundation tools, open source, e-learning materials

  • Promote open source code donations to Linux Foundation via Github and Apache licensing

  • Promote, apply and further develop the open-to-everybody knowledge and result base of DSC Core, MDSS, SmartLog, DBECore Transport research projects

  • Contacts and discussions with Linux Foundation started in these projects several years ago, including significant donations of open source code to the Linux Foundation


DBE Lab offers physical facilities at the premises of Helsinki city NewCo, and together with the partners of the laboratory relevant technology environments for test, proof of concepts, pilots with applications and platforms – DBE Core and Peppol platforms available at the start research and other projects – DBE Core Transport Co-innovation project first potential

  • Workshops, for example to innovate new services, applications, educational materials

  • Hackathons to develop, test and pilot new code according to the principles of Linux Foundation

  • Education

  • Place for discussions and networking, at NewCo: https://newcohelsinki.fi/fi/

  • Partners are encouraged to offer their solutions and services to above mentioned activities under terms agreed with a partner

  • General meetings with remote access, meetups, materials and newsletter


  • Open source code, services, materials, innovations developed in or connected to Finland that are offered to EU and global markets, which have been developed, tested and implemented by applying open global standards and tools

  • Donations of open source code to Linux Foundation via Github and Apache back-licencing missioned use of openly available results by making them available to anybody


  • Ability and facilities to test, evaluate and pilot Blockchain, API and related technologies, UBL, PEPPOL and other process and data models in a safe environment outside of one’s internal operative IT environment – the most rapid path to business benefits and ecosystem creation

  • Ability to create integrations to and from back-end IS, and to move them into internal operative IT environments when they are tested, mature and robust

  • Access to Linux Foundation and DBE Lab result, knowledge base and materials

  • Networking to leading experts and to other partners of the laboratory and with other NewCo enterprises

  • Non-profit DBE Lab is managed by DBE Core Ltd, with separate transparent accounting

Separate accounting to show that the laboratory operates as a non-profit organization

We hope that we are able to open the ledger of daily accounts by anonymizing actor names

Facilitators of the Laboratory ½ - 2 persons (during 2020) funded with annual contributions and membership fee (kannatus- ja jäsenmaksu)

Donations from private persons, firms, public and private organizations, foundations

Potentially crowd-funding – to create a financial buffer for the funding of shared infrastructure and unexpected costs

POCs, pilots, projects, workshops, education funded with billed payments that cover the estimated and realized costs of these activities

Ex-post final payment to return excess funds to partners. Education revenues used to fund facilitators, Governance bodies, Advisory board, general meetings

Welcome to DBE Lab!

Tomi Dahlberg

Ph.D. Econ / Founder / Chair of the DBE Lab