Core Platform

The Core Platform is the first generic Network as a Service (NaaS) ever made.

In customer projects we dive deep into understanding your industry specific requirements before drawing the new digitized processes, working closely together with your managers and experts.

Core API integration builds interoperability between your ERP system and your customers, suppliers, finance and third parties. All transactions will be validated to secure high quality of data.

Core Blockchain stores all business transactions safely with a timestamp. Your transactions are shared with your business partners by public keys. You own always your own data.

Core Platform combines API and Blockchain in a unique trusted way to build ecosystem digitalization.

Core Platform is built on best technology and standards

Core platform is using the standards required by EU Commission and global business. We use and support open technology to secure lifelong services to Digital Business Ecosystem as DBE Core.

Our research has done long term development with OASIS UBL (Universal Business Language), PEPPOL (Pan European Public Procurement On-Line) and Linux Foundation (Hyperledger). We collaborate in best technologies and develop the future architecture together with key business brands in the world.