Scientific background

With our DBE Core Community, we contribute to a better, faster, smarter, and thus more predictable supply chain that will benefit all industries, finance, logistics, and new value-adding service partners. We develop solutions that industry needs most to facilitate fast ROI. We want business and IT people to orchestrate, connect and operate optimally.

The story of DBE Core Ltd has origins in many occasions. One of them can be traced to the tropical evening at Dondero’s garden restaurant of Grand Hyatt Kauai, Hawaii, where Dr. Kari Korpela, Dr. Karri Mikkonen and Professor Tomi Dahlberg were dining and discussing under the palm trees, during the 49th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS), January 2016. One large topic was an ongoing structural change in ICT industries due to Distributed Ledger Technologies (Blockchain), and systemic value creation perspectives it represented to companies and their operational networks. There was no visible business structures to provide nor capture that exact systemic value now offered to larger ecosystems, through these new technologies. Also it was unlikely that any single company could enforce the environment improvement alone, so the idea of a new type of ecosystem level network was thrown in the warm and moist pacific ocean air.

Dr. Korpela had been involved in research and practice of information logistics from early 2000, but in January 2013, the first vision statement for the research was set by the group of process industry managers. The result of the process called COFE (Collaboration Front-End-Innovation Process), the DBE Core vision was set to:

“The aim is to establish European B2B integration ecosystem, where stakeholders; buyer, - seller, -finance and ICT jointly move towards standardized solution across industry. The results must be concrete and all stakeholders have to follow the joint development direction. The services have to be designed as superior user friendly and cost effective. This requires simplified standard based on common business processes so that the implementation can be managed effectively. System integration and deployment has to be easy and cost-effective for all new entrants to the ecosystem.

That vision has remained unchanged until today, for all research and business activities under the umbrella of Digital Business Ecosystem Core.

DBE Core Ltd. is created for the role of an ecosystem company, coordinating necessary business means of establishing new types of connected business world, enabling it to work much more efficiently together. Continuous seek for efficiency is a necessity for us here in the cold north, and companies have started to seek it from their networks, but the next evident step is the ecosystem level common denominator - automating all business transactions between company systems.

DBE Core Ltd. is needed to neutrally run Core Platform, offering training and ecosystem strategy consulting, and DBE Lab is established as for coordinating open development community, sharing the cost of future development efforts, and linking local companies to the latest global developments.

As parallel continuation for Biorefinery Industry's project Digital Supply Chain Core (DSC Core), the ship manufacturing industry project Maritime Digital Supply Space (MDSS) was started 2017. Shortly after, the SmartLog project, building logistics Blockchain, under the supervision of Mr. Mika Lammi, joined into DBE Core project family.

The structural change studied and piloted started to have wide impact to many industry areas, and we are now witnessing the actual change.

Link to latest report (in Finnish)